401(k) Retirement Savings Plan


Eligible employees can participate in the plan on the first of the month following 60 days of employment. 

Per Diem, PRN, temporary, intern, and seasonal employees will need to complete 1 year of employment and 1,000 hours of service within a 12-month period to become eligible to participate in the 401k plan. The 12-month measurement period begins on the employee’s hire date or anniversary date.

See the Summary Plan document for a detailed listing of eligibility exclusions.

Plan Features

Ardent offers a generous matching contribution, outstanding convenience, and a variety of investment options. You can contribute to your 401 (k) in two ways:

  • Pre-tax - Contribute pre-tax dollars through convenient paycheck deductions and reduce your taxable income today.
  • Roth (after-tax) - Contribute after-tax dollars to your 401 (k) today and pay no taxes on any qualified withdrawals you make during retirement.

Through automatic payroll deduction, you may contribute between 1 % and 85% of your eligible earnings on a pre-tax or after-tax Roth 401 (k) basis or a combination of the two, up to the annual IRS limits.

Ardent matches your contributions

100% for the first 3% you contribute, and 50% for the next 2% you contribute. Contribute 5% of your eligible pay to get the full company match! The match is contributed to your account annually during the first quarter of the following year. You are 100% vested in the company match. You are also 100% vested in the amount you contribute to your 401(k).

Investment options

You have the flexibility to select from investment options that range from more conservative to more aggressive, making it easy for you to develop a well-diversified investment portfolio. Our plan also offers you the option of having experienced professionals manage your account for you.

Financial Educational Resources  

Take advantage of educational resources and discounts available through Fidelity's NetBenefits website:

  • Check out the Library - Explore a collection of financial learning resources, articles, infographics, videos, and more. Select Library from the NetBenefits home page.
  • Create a plan for your future - Model and plan for your financial goals using the Planning & Guidance Center at NetBenefits.Fidelity.com/planningcenter.
  • Visit the Help Hub - In the new help hub on NetBenefits.com, you can tell Fidelity what's on your mind, and they can direct you to the right tools and resources-all in one place: NetBenefits.com/gethelp.
  • Review the Pre-College Planning Resources - Find educational materials and tools to help families plan, save and pay for college. Go to "Life Events" under the Menu. Then, choose "Navigating the college journey."
  • Use the Student Debt Tool - to help you see all your student loans in one place and the options available for repayment. - https://myguidance.fidelity.com/ftgw/pna/public/pgc/debt-planning/
  • Get ready for retirement - Fidelity's tools and guidance can help you feel more confident and prepare for what's ahead at NetBenefits.Fidelity.com/planningcenter.

Visit www.netbenefits.com or call 800-835-5095 to learn more and start saving for your future.

Financial Education Workshops

If you are an eligible participant in Ardent's 401(k) plan, Fidelity offers you a variety of financial education workshops that you can take advantage of at no charge on topics ranging from college planning, budgeting, and retirement.

These workshops are live. Click here to view the calendar of events. Consider taking advantage of these programs to improve your financial health.