More About Body Mass Index (BMI)

If you participated in the wellness screenings, congratulations! You can use your results—including your Body Mass Index—to identify your risks, talk with your physician about your current health and set goals for the future.

Understand your BMI

BMI is a measurement of your weight distribution compared to your height. Carrying excess weight based on healthy ranges for your height may put you at risk for medical conditions—including heart disease, diabetes, cancer and strokes.

Take small steps to make a big difference

Even a small amount of weight loss, such as 5–10% of your body weight, can make a big difference in improving your health and reducing your risks. If you want to calculate your BMI or find out how to improve it, use the resources below.

Download the BMI table from our wellness poster

Get more information

You can find a variety of wellness tools and resources through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and National Institutes of Health (NIH):