Benefits planner

Use this checklist to help you stay on top of your benefits-related tasks. You can also download the checklist as a PDF document.

Every six months

Get a check up
What  Schedule annual doctor’s office visit and any recommended preventive care screenings.

Pick a month every year to do this—such as your birthday month—so it’s easy to remember.
  • Develop a partnership with your doctor and create a long-term plan for wellness.
  • Keep up with needed tests and screenings to catch any medical concerns and treat them early.
Where  Your doctor’s office
Participate in the Bravo Wellness Program
What  Complete a no-cost “Know Your Number®” health assessment and on-site screening each September.
  • Get important information about your health status.
  • Learn ways to improve your health.
  • By getting your free, on-site health screening, you’ll receive a credit to help offset medical plan rates for the coming year.
  • Earn additional discounts on your medical premiums by scoring within the target ranges.
Where  Bravo Wellness website 
Enroll for benefits
What  Evaluate and enroll in health care plans, flexible spending accounts, and insurance benefits each November.
  • It’s your opportunity to learn more and choose better!
  • Review your options for medical, dental, vision, life and other insurance.
  • Participate in Health Care Flexible Spending Account and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account.
  • Choose the plans that best meet your needs.
  • Keep your beneficiary and dependent information up to date.
Where  Learn more on this benefits website.

Choose better and enroll online through the enrollment website.
Manage your 401(k)
What  At least once a year, review your 401(k) contribution level and investment elections.

Rebalance your account if needed.

Update your beneficiary information.
  • Contribute at least 5% to get the full match from Ardent; increase your contributions to get more from the plan.
  • Make sure your investment allocation still matches your goals.
Where    Fidelity website or 800-835-5095.
Use your FSAs

For the 2020 plan year, incur your flexible spending account expenses by March 15, 2021.

Submit your forms for reimbursement to Via Benefits by March 31, 2021.

  • Keep track of your expenses and your receipts, even when you use your Healthcare Card.
  • Save money by using pre-tax dollars for your health care and dependent care costs.
  • Don’t miss the deadline! Because of IRS rules, any money left in your account is forfeited.

FSA claims are managed through Via Benefits.

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Every six months
See your dentist
What  Schedule a checkup with your dentist twice a year.
Why  Keeping up with cleanings and X-rays is the best way to prevent major dental issues.
Where  Your dentist’s office

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Submit your FSA claims
What  Submit expenses for flexible spending account reimbursement.
Why  Save money by using pre-tax dollars for your health care and dependent care costs.

Keep your receipts organized and track the amount remaining in your account.

FSA claims are managed through Via Benefits

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Stay Connected
What  Get quick tips and updates about your benefits.
Why  Make the most of your plans, save money on services and stay in the loop on benefit news and events.
Where  Blog
Get tickets
What  Save on entertainment.
Why  Get preferred seating and save money on tickets for theme parks, sporting events, concerts, shows and movies.
Where  Tickets at Work website
Pay less
What  Enjoy employee discounts
Why  Receive special perks and discounts for Ardent employees at many national retailers.
Where  Employee discounts
Become a member
What  Join the Alliant Credit Union
Why  Take advantage of membership benefits and a variety of financial products and services.
Where  Alliant Credit Union website

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