Extended Illness Leave (EIL)

Extended Illness Leave, or EIL, begins on the sixth consecutive day of an absence. It’s a form of short-term sick pay for employees who are absent from work due to their own illness or injury. The first five consecutive days of an absence are deducted from accrued PTO. In the case of outpatient surgery or overnight hospitalization, EIL can be accessed immediately. EIL is not available for absences related to cosmetic procedures.

All full-time employees can accrue EIL from the date of hire. It accrues each pay period on a pro-rated basis (per hours worked and PTO used) up to 12 days (or 96 hours) per year. The maximum amount is 480 hours.

To use EIL, you may be asked to provide a physician’s statement, including the beginning and projected ending dates of your leave. EIL cannot be used during the first 90 days of employment. For time off due to injury or illness, all available paid hours must be used prior to taking unpaid time off.

EIL is not a vested benefit—meaning that it will not be paid out at the time of termination.

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