Limited-Purpose Flexible Spending Account

If you elected the High Deductible Health Plan for medical coverage and opened a Health Savings Account (HSA), IRS regulations prohibit you from participating in a Health Care Flexible Spending Account. However, you can participate in a Limited-Purpose Flexible Spending Account (FSA), where your contributions are still tax-free, but your reimbursements are limited to eligible dental and vision expenses only. The Limited-Purpose FSA is administered by WageWorks® and offers a Healthcare Card, which works like a check card and allows you to pay for eligible expenses at the point of service.

Here’s an overview of how you can use a Limited-Purpose Flexible Spending Account:

Use For Contributions
Most dental and vision care expenses like copayments, deductibles and eyeglasses

$250 annual minimum
$2,600 annual maximum contribution in 2018

Eligible expenses

Eligible expenses are out-of-pocket expenses not covered by your dental or vision plans, including:

  • Your share of covered expenses
  • Dental and orthodontia expenses
  • Prescription glasses, contact lenses and lens cleaning solution
  • Laser vision correction

Eligible expenses do not include: medical expenses, including deductibles and copayments, prescription drugs, cosmetic procedures, treatments not supervised by a qualified health care professional, premiums for employer-provided health care plans or other expenses that are not medically necessary. See a complete list of eligible expenses.

Visit the FSA page for important information about filing claims and checking your account balance. 

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